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The Unique Financial Opportunity for Superyacht Crew

Yacht Crew Opportunity

We talk a lot about your unique financial opportunity as yacht crew. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to save sufficient money to completely change your future life. You mustn’t let it slip away. 

You have the opportunity to build a future financially independent life and live your life on your own terms. More about this here: Real Financial Independence for Superyacht Crew. To save you the round trip, here’s the short version: financial freedom isn’t just about money. It’s about your life as a whole. You could (adding some drama here) say your life depends on it. We don’t mean how long you live (quantity) but how you live it (quality). You can be financially free with even a modest amount of money, depending on your lifestyle. However for many yacht crew financial freedom means an independent income of circa Eur/USD 50,000/year and a home bought and paid for.  

If you want to put your unique financial opportunity into hard money terms, here it is:

You have the potential to leave the superyacht industry
at least a millionaire.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You are a potential millionaire.

But potential is only an expression of possibility. It’s theoretical. You can’t actually buy anything with potential. So how do you go from being a potential millionaire to being one in real life?

Here’s how.

Say you earn Eur/USD 4,000 per month. Say you place Eur/USD 3,000 of that every month in stock markets and other investments and spend the other Eur/USD 1,000 on yourself. If you do that, after 15 years in yachting (if your investments average 8% per year), you’ll have just under Eur/USD 977,500. That’s without a pay rise or without investing anything extra. By the way, in this scenario, if you put in an additional Eur/USD 250 each month from the beginning, you’d have just under Eur/USD 1,060,000. Yep, almost 100k more. That’s the power of compound interest. Put in the full Eur/USD 4,000 each month and you’d have over Eur/USD 1.3 million.

But who can put in almost every cent they earn into their financial plan?

Someone who has minimal day-to-day expenses such as rent, food, train fares, wifi bills, electricity, clothing, water… Someone who doesn’t fall within normal income tax regulations because they spend most of their time out of the country working on a superyacht.

Does this description sound familiar?

That’s right. It’s you. Yacht crew.

You have the ability to save and invest almost everything you earn.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t treat yourself. Of course you should. You work very hard. But we are saying that, as superyacht crew, you have the unique financial opportunity to take truly life-changing action. If you save and invest the majority of what you earn wisely, you could leave yachting completely financially independent, giving you the freedom and flexibility to do whatever you want for the rest of your life, rather than just for the money. How does that sound?

Let’s say you put your million into a low-risk investment strategy after you leave yachting and get a 4% or 5% return each year. That’s Eur/USD 40,000 to Eur/USD 50,000 every year for the rest of your life. This is about the average salary in the USA and would enable you to live the next stage your life with dignity.

To put this another way:

Every year, without having to do anything,
you’ll be getting the equivalent of the average income of a US citizen.

If you do also want to leave yachting with a home bought and paid for, you will also need to have saved at least another Eur/USD 250,000-500,000 or more depending on your property. 

When we explain your unique financial opportunity to people outside of yachting, they are astonished. Many say, “I wish I’d known that when I was in my twenties. I’d have gone right into yachting to do just that!”

But we know it can be hard when you’re in your twenties to think about your life in your forties. It seems a lifetime away—because for you, having only lived twenty odd years, your forties are literally another lifetime away. Nevertheless, you will, one day, be 40-plus. 

So imagine this: if you’re 25 now, by the time you’re 40 (having worked on a number of boats in a range of increasingly responsible positions), you could have the financial basis to focus on your passions for the rest of your life. It could mean that you can live half your life or more free from many financial concerns. But only if you grasp the opportunity now to do so.

Outside the yachting industry, most people don’t get that chance. Certainly not after 15 years of employment. Most people who work ashore struggle to save 5%-10% of their income. After taxes and living expenses, there isn’t a whole lot left. To put it another way, for the average person ashore to set aside Eur/USD 3,000 per month, they’d have to be earning Eur/USD 30,000 per month, ie. Eur/USD 360,000 per year. You might think that’s ludicrous, but you have to factor in taxation and living expenses, major expenses most yacht crew don’t have.  Additionally, human nature is such that we let our spending habits increase in line with our income. You’ve probably already experienced this. How easy do you find it to spend your monthly salary? If you’re honest, it’s pretty easy, isn’t it?

And now it’s our turn to be honest. Making the most of this unique financial opportunity requires discipline. That can be hard at times. After all, if it wasn’t a challenge, everyone would be leaving yachting with at least a million. But how many yacht crew do you know who left the industry with at least a million? And how many left with nothing to show for their years of hard work and service?

The big challenge to leaving yachting at least a millionaire is first realising that you can do it! Then, once you recognise that, you have to build your long-term plan for another life after yachting and put in the short-term hard work to make it happen. But remember, you are not alone, we can help you achieve this. Surely you’re worth that? And surely the prize of financial freedom is worth it? Get in touch today and start your journey towards your ideal independent life.

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