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When looking to attract and retain the best crew in the business, offering nothing but the best is vital. Waves Elite Healthcare, in collaboration with the Expatriate Group strives to provide this commitment of excellence. It delivers a healthcare solution that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring your crew’s wellbeing is comprehensively protected. Tailored to work for your and their extraordinary lives.

Not only does Waves Elite Healthcare give yacht crew what they need, it also has the needs of the administrator in mind. With an online administration platform, the purser or HR manager can add or remove crew members in real time, saving time and money. So in addition to providing appropriate and extensive worldwide health insurance for your crew, its simple and easy claims administration lightens your workload as well.

We’ve been working with superyacht officers and crew for over 30 years. We’ve had multiple conversations with thousands of crew, at all levels, about their lives, their jobs and their needs. And we have drawn on that expertise to provide Waves Elite Health cover in collaboration with the Expatriate Group.

We know that detail is vital, and that’s where most group healthcare cover can be disappointing. The small print simply doesn’t match the unique and specific needs of you and your crew. Because of our experience and expertise, we’re confident that Waves Elite Healthcare does meet the needs of both superyacht crew and their employers.

Waves Elite Crew Healthcare can be tailored to best meet your needs

Waves Elite Crew Healthcare is customisable group health cover for superyacht crew. The basic starting cover and options are already very comprehensive. And they can be enhanced to match your specific crew and boat needs. Just let us know.

Waves Elite: Health Cover Highlights

  • Comprehensive, open-architecture crew health cover, means you can partly customise your cover to best fit your crew’s needs.
  • Choose from four levels of comprehensive coverage.
  • Once cover is agreed, your entire crew will be covered anywhere in the world (including the US, which can either be included or excluded from the cover), 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Specific Regional cover can be arranged subject to underwriter’s agreement.
  • All crew members up to 65 years can be covered without special provisions. Cover can also be considered for crew over 65.
  • The cover is not just limited to when the crew are on the boat. They are covered at all times, even when they are on holiday. Sports cover including: diving, skiing, snow boarding and jet skiing are included. Other extreme sports can be considered for inclusion in the plan at the discretion of the underwriters.
  • The unique Cash-Less service means your crew aren’t out of pocket when claiming for outpatient treatment.
  • Business travel cover included: applies to an unlimited number of trips by crew members/ annum, up to 42 days for each trip, including the US, but the healthcare benefits are not limited to 42 days and are available wherever they have opted to have cover. (This may or may not include the US.)
  • Supplementary income replacement in the event of accidental death or permanent total disablement, following illness or an accident, is included—up to $100,000 depending on the plan selected.
  • Crew assistance & wellness programme is included.
  • 24-hour/365-days-per-year assistance.
  • Simple and easy online administration portal.
  • Crew can be easily added or removed from the scheme.
  • Premiums are generated on an annual basis. However there is an option for payments to be made monthly, quarterly or half-yearly—with a surcharge applied.
  • Option to add life insurance up to 6x income, subject to the underwriter’s discretion and on a case-by-case basis.
  • Maternity cover may be available, if certain criteria and plan details were applied and subject to the underwriter’s discretion.
  • Pre-existing conditions. It may be possible to include these in the policy, depending on the size of the group, subject to the underwriter’s decision and a cost loading.

Let Our Cash-Less Service Do the Work

Our digital Cash-Less service eliminates the need for you or your employees to self-fund medical care overseas before claiming. Treatment will be paid for via Apple Pay or Google Pay, supported by MasterCard. Physical cards will also be available with which to make payments.

If medication, care or treatment is required overseas, simply contact the claims line via telephone, live chat or email. A member of the claims team will discuss the requirements with the individual and the approved treatment cost will be authorised on their card—this may be digitally via Apple Pay or Google Pay, or via the physical card.

Due to safety measures and claims controls, only what has been approved can be paid for.

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Extreme Sports Coverage

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Easy Administration

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