About us

We’re a boutique life and financial planning company. For over 25 years, we’ve made it our life’s work to help superyacht crew achieve their ideal, independent life.

Nothing gives us a bigger buzz than watching a client fulfill their life’s dreams. Money is boring. Seeing what our clients do with it—that’s the exciting part. We mean it when we say, “Our life goal is to help you achieve your life goal.”

Our model for success isn’t purely financial. Financial success is meaningless if you aren’t living a life that’s aligned with your values and dreams. We’ve seen enough, and been through enough, to know this is a fundamental fact of a happy life.

That’s why we say that investment without purpose is pointless.

It’s also the number one reason why people don’t achieve their financial goals. You can literally say, their heart isn’t in it.

That’s why we start with your life plan and work from there to create a financial plan.

We also offer a dedicated mentoring and motivational programme designed to get you to your ideal, independent life. We’ll be there, every step of the way to give you the best chance of success, through mentoring videos, ebooks, access to fund managers, quarterly market and investment updates, and one-to-one guidance. No other financial planner does this.

We work exclusively with superyacht crew and we know what fits the yacht crew lifestyle and what doesn’t. We’ve tailored our business around that. We can speak to you anywhere in the world via Zoom. And we travel to yachting centres quarterly, so we are available for in-person meetings.

We’re elected members of the Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers (FEIFA).

The People at Yachting Financial Solutions

Clive Evans - Chairman

Clive Evans


Financial Planning Enquiries

Cork, HQ – Antibes – Rest of the World

Teresa Evans

Teresa Evans

Chief Operations Officer

Financial Planning Enquiries

Cork, HQ – Antibes – Rest of the World

JoJo Battung

Jojo Battung

Client Services

Data Management & Client Enquiries

Quezon City, PHL

What we do

  • Everyone who helps create a perfect, private life for the Global Elite must have the opportunity to create their own, infinite dream life.
  • We help all those under our care move from dependency to independence and empowerment, via learning, personal growth, goal setting and partnership.
  • We reward determination, loyalty, commitment and trust in equal measure.
  • We embrace originality, learning and paying it forward and have a passionate quest to add value to all.
  • Lack of sufficient time is the common enemy. Our mission is to ensure decisive action before it is too late.
  • We are totally committed to enlightening all we come into contact with about the double-edged sword of dependency versus high disposable income.
  • We think the perceived luxurious lifestyle of working in yachting is rigged against those working in it, trapping them there until they are cast out.
  • We are your secret weapon to enable you to live life on your own terms, not someone else’s.

Our Manifesto

  • We believe you deserve to exit from yachting into an ideal, independent life on your terms.
  • We believe you can do that.
  • We believe you need all the help you can get.
  • You need not just an accountability partner but someone who is always in your corner. Someone who is only interested in you.
  • You need a trusted listener.
  • You need a structured medium- to long-term exit plan that sets out clearly what steps you need to take.
  • You need a structured process and programme.
  • You need courage and commitment to succeed.
  • You will succeed in partnership with us—if we build a plan and commit to fulfilling everything together.
  • You cannot fail.

Where we are

Yachting Financial Solutions (Ireland) DAC
NSC Campus
T12 XY2N

You can reach us by calling our global VOIP number: +353 21 235 7060 ext 101

You can also reach us by mobile phone and Whatsapp: +353 87 289 9001

Email us: info@yfsol.com

What your colleagues say

“Thank you very much for your guidance. I appreciate your honesty, as well as setting me up for success.”
“Teresa, we would like to thank you and Clive for your friendly yet very professional help over the years.”
Captain, 87m MY