The Word on Deck

Client Testimonials

“I started talk to YFSOL to help me navigate the financial planning journey because they are very familiar with our profession and lifestyle.

“The process was thorough and tailored to our specific personal family needs and goals. Everything was always transparent and explained in such a manner that even without financial knowledge everything was clear.

“The professionalism was apparent from the beginning but as time went on I recognized the integrity, commitment and strong support values that the company offer.

“It has been a fantastic journey together and we are delighted that our financial future is in the best hands.”
Wean van der Westhuizen
Superyacht Captain
“It was great fun chatting to you today. I really do appreciate you taking the time to get to know me better and find out what my hopes are for my future.

“After attempts over the past few years, with other financial advisors and institutions, I now feel so much more confident and optimistic about my financial future and look forward to working with you further and hearing your ideas and prospective plans on how I may be able to achieve my goals.”
Chef/Mate, 60ft Catamaran
“It is crazy but suddenly I feel more motivated at work. It makes me feel like I could actually be working for something.

“I guess I have no real sense of purpose since I don’t have a home or anything to spend my hard earned money on (apart from holidays). It is good to have a sense of purpose. In fact, I now recognise that this is what has been missing from my life for a while now.

“I think I have to give it a go. Especially now since I am financially secure enough to do so.”
Chief stewardess, 60m MY
“It was great to meet with you yesterday!

“After the meeting, I felt I had more of a direction and a goal to work towards. That is thanks to your direct and insightful questions about what I want for my future. Your focus was on the client and not the money—which was refreshing, knowing you have my interests at heart.

“I only wish I was faced with these questions when I first joined yachting four years ago!”
“Once you start saving, it is amazing how quickly it accumulates. Before talking with Yachting Financial Solutions, I would have just left my earnings in the bank doing nothing. But now I know that my money is actually making more money, and I feel more secure about my future when I retire from yachting.”
Purser, 72m MY
“I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting—thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I have just read the booklet back to front, good stuff, logical and uniquely tailored to a yachties’ financial situation, I will spread the word with my friends in the industry, I’m sure many of them would have contacted you a long time ago if they had known about your company.”
2nd Officer, 87m MY
“I have massive faith in you and your team and the fact that you have dealt with many people in the same and incredibly fortunate situation as me.”
Chief stewardess, 60m MY
“Putting away regularly a seemingly small amount of money with the help of Yachting Financial Solutions, provided me with an income to support the lifestyle I needed when I retired. What could be better than that?”
Captain (Retired), 87m MY
“For over 20 years, Yachting Financial Solutions have given me honest, informed advice; friendly service; solid strategies and great products. Not just nice people, but seasoned financial specialists who simply get what yacht crew do.
Captain, 80m MY
“Teresa, we would like to thank you and Clive for your friendly yet very professional help over the years.”
Captain, 87m MY
“Thank you very much for your guidance. I appreciate your honesty, as well as setting me up for success.”
“Thank you very much for your time and advice the other day. I am really looking forward to working with you to make my dreams come true.”