YFSOL Harmony

YFSOL Harmony offers you the superpower of a fund of funds

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YFSOL’s multi-manager fund of funds is run for us by London-based Momentum Global Investment Management, who have been in business since 1998 and responsible for USD 5.8 billion under management.

The Harmony portfolio includes around 40 specialist managers selected from a stable of over 150 worldwide from different sectors—creating a ‘best of breed’ portfolio/fund.

These include well-known fund names such as Driehaus, Allianz, Morgan Stanley, AXA, Blackrock and Schroder. Less well known are Third Avenue (NYC—real estate), Ediston (Edinburgh—Real Estate) and Fullerton (Singapore—Fixed income).

Each fund has an independent team, working in their specialist area. Momentum itself has a team of 14 research and 21 support staff in London managing the overall fund mix and reviewing managers against agreed objectives.

We work closely with Momentum, with regular monthly contact and a formal quarterly meeting to review progress on your YFSOL Harmony portfolio.