The Best Substitute Is a Replacement

Tap with money flowing out as a metaphor for superyacht crew earning money.

What happens when your income tap stops working?

Tap with money flowing out as a metaphor for superyacht crew earning money. The money has stopped coming out of the tap directly.

You’ll have some money left for a while.

Tap with a puddle of money at its base as a metaphor for superyacht crew earning money and losing the ability to earn money.

But eventually, it will run out.

A tap that isn't working as a metaphor for superyacht crew losing the ability to work in yachting, either temporarily or permanently.

HINT: Your ability to make money is your money tap.

Illness and injury are reasons why you might not be able to keep the tap running. Short-term illness or injury, say a month or so, won’t impact you too much if you’ve built up a sufficient buffer.

TIP: Make sure you always have a buffer to cover three months’ (or better still six months’) living expenses.

But what do you do if your recovery from illness or injury is going to take longer than your financial buffer can cover?

Worse still, what happens if illness or injury mean you aren’t able to return to yachting at all? 


How would your financial plan and your journey towards financial freedom be affected?

Do you have a replacement tap you can turn on instead, so you can keep your plan going?

Two taps. One isn't working. The other tap has money flowing out of it as a metaphor for income replacement and income protection for superyacht crew.

That’s what income replacement insurance does.

It gives you a substitute tap while you’re unable to work, providing you with a regular income for up to two years.

And if you can’t go back to work in yachting at all, it provides you with a lump sum payment, which could be as high as 10x your annual salary.

Either way, your financial journey can continue.

TIP: Make sure you have a backup tap.

If you’d like to find out more about backup taps, drop us a line. Or find out more here:

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