Panic happens when the value of your investments drops

Emotions that will ruin your investments, No.4: Panic

Your feelings can cloud your judgment and disrupt your financial plan.

Panic happens when the value of your investments drops, especially when a sharp drop happens. You rush to salvage what value you can and sell. But investments go through cycles. While the value of an investment might dip temporarily, calm investors hold on to their convictions and assess the situation based on the plan they have drawn up. In most cases, the investment will rise again—if they did their homework properly in the first place.

We help you do the homework. We are guardians of your financial plan. Our job is to help you create a plan that will get you to where you want to go AND keep you on track. We take the emotion out of the situation and help you keep your eyes on the prize: real financial wealth and freedom. Instead of panicking when things look to be going the wrong way, we help you a) assess the situation calmly and b) have several mitigating plans already working in your favour.

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