Discovery Call Primer

We’re looking forward to meeting you on our call

We only have a short time on the call, so it’s vital we use it as best as possible to learn about each other and about YOUR dreams.
To make sure we do, please run through these four steps in preparation for the call (Step 4 is the most important one):

1. Please read our bio, so you get to know who we are. Click here: About Us

2. Please play special attention to our manifesto at the bottom of the About Us page.

3. Please take 30 minutes to watch this video—even better, watch it twice. (Then to Step 4.)

4. Once you’ve finished the video, please fill in and submit the form below, so we know everything is set for a productive call. It could be your first step towards your ideal independent life …

Fill out my online form.

Remember: Our life goal is to help you achieve your life and financial goals.

Are you ready for your ideal, independent life? Let’s find out together: