Short Term Health Insurance

Short-Term Group Health Insurance for Superyacht Crew

2 – 11 Months

Not everyone in yachting needs or wants annual health cover. So we’ve got a short-term option for shorter crew appointments.

Our short-term health insurance provides your crew with cover for shorter spells. It is ideal for crew who are only on board for a season or part of a season, rather than the entire year. Think of crew on board racing yachts. Or perhaps you’re bringing in specialists who have been contracted for particular charters? Personal chefs, personal trainers, personal assistants…? This is the healthcare product designed to meet your needs. It’s also suitable if you’re contracting people on board during the off-season only, while the boat is in dock for repairs or upgrades, for instance. 

Our short-term cover will provide your crew with healthcare insurance from 2 to 11 months. It gives you the freedom to choose how long you need it for—and frees you from the need to buy annual cover.

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Please note: You will be transferred to the Expatriate Group site for a quotation. They will also send us a copy, so we can help with any queries.

Short-term group health insurance fit for superyacht crew

We’ve teamed up with Expatriate Group, specialists in insurance for expatriates, to bring you short-term health insurance that genuinely meets the needs and lifestyle of crew onboard superyachts today.

Waves Health Primary

The Primary Plan is aimed at covering you when you need it most. It includes inpatient and day-patient medical costs, plus follow-up outpatient treatment and the emergency assistance and repatriation benefits. The Primary Plan also provides you with cover to protect you against larger financial commitments.

Waves Health Primary+

The Primary+ Plan is based on our Select Plan without the elective services. Primary+ gives you access to your family doctor, along with inpatient, day-patient and outpatient cover with reimbursement for specialists, physicians, chronic cover and alternative treatment (such as osteopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture).

Waves Health Select

The Select Plan is one of the most comprehensive private medical insurance plans on the market today. It is a total solution to your healthcare, chronic, dental and maternity needs. The plan not only provides you with excellent cover in the event of an illness, it also provides preventative benefits (vaccinations, checkups and screenings).

Get a personalised, competitive quote today.

Please note: You will be transferred to the Expatriate Group site for a quotation. They will also send us a copy, so we can help with any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term ‘Excess’ (sometimes known as a ‘Deductible’) is the amount of any claim that you will be liable to pay the healthcare facility before the insurance policy takes over, per policy period.

Expatriate Group always endeavours to settle claims within 5 working days of their substantiation. To make the process of claiming as simple and painless as possible for you, you’ll find a dedicated claims page on the Expatriate Group’s website here: Make a Claim.

You are entitled to be treated in any hospital of your choice—though please ensure that you have your treatment pre-authorised beforehand. You’ll find a hospital directory here: Hospital List.

Please note the directory of hospitals is for information only.

Waves Health policies can be cancelled any time during your 14-day cooling off period, so long as you haven’t made a claim, Expatriate Group will refund your premium in full. If you cancel your policy mid-term for a valid reason, provided you haven’t claimed, Expatriate Group will refund your premium based on a scale. For further information please see the Policy Wording.

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