Insider Update: MUSO


Muso is an anti-piracy company that we helped clients invest in last year, through our relationship with Harwell Capital. Some promising news has reached us.
Muso has announced a test trial with a global trade body network to provide content protection to a significant global media market. We can’t say who it is, but we can say  that the sector represents one of the top five media sectors globally, with a market value greater than $15bn per annum.
If the trial results in a formal deal, Muso expects it would generate a minimum annual recurring revenue of £500,000, with the potential to scale up to £15m should growth in the take-up among the trade body’s members meet  business targets.
Muso already has over 1,000 clients including Sony Music, Spotify, Adele, One Direction, MBC and the British Music Trade Body.
Here’s the Insider Briefing investment context: Harwell raised £2 million for Muso at a price of £4.82 per share, last year. The company is targeting an exit of £312 million within 5 years, based on multiples of 10x EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation). In laymen’s terms: a HUGE profit for investors (including YFSOL clients) if all goes to plan.
Interested in venture capital investments like Muso? Let us know and we’ll keep you informed when the next opportunity arises: Bear in mind, while the returns on venture capital can be spectacular, the risks are correspondingly high. Don’t worry, though. We’ll check to make sure venture capital makes sense for you.

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