Get 1% Free with YFSOL V

Free money sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Well, in this instance, it’s genuine.

We’re launching a new investment strategy soon called YFSOL V. And we’ll add 1% to the value of your allocation in the fund. In other words, we’ll allocate you 101% of the value you put in. That’s as good as free money.
>The offer will be open for three months after we launch YFSOL V, or until investment reaches €250,000, whichever comes first.

What is YFSOL V?

YFSOL V is a value investing strategy. It’s the strategy that has made Warren Buffett (the world’s second-richest man in 2017, according to Forbes) most of his fortune.

Value investors believe that a stock’s price is not necessarily the same as the company’s value, and that money can be made by buying such businesses for less than their true worth. Value investing is once again gaining traction among major fund managers. We believe it is overdue a comeback, which is why we’ve created YFSOL V. It’s an investment strategy that gives you the opportunity to invest like Warren Buffett does.

The key is identifying companies that are undervalued by the stock market. That’s not easy. So we’ve identified some of the best value-style investment managers in the world and combined their expertise in one simple strategy. Even better-because this is part of our Polaris range of strategies, we’ve been able to make it accessible and affordable.

Who can invest?

YFSOL V is one of the strategies that fall under our Polaris scheme. So, you’ll need to either be an existing Polaris member or join.

Existing Polaris clients can add YFSOL V to their portfolio with an additional investment of €10,000 or more. Minimal paperwork required.
New Polaris clients will need to invest €25,000, which can all be in YFSOL V, or across a range of Polaris strategies. The offer of 1% additional allocation only applies to money invested in YFSOL V.

If you’d like to be among the first group of investors and receive the additional 1% on your investment, email us:

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